About Serenity

Serenity Builders is a real estate firm founded in the year 2009. In a short span of 5 years we have successfully and eminently created, living spaces which had remarkably improved the state of art living and the lifestyle of Chennaites.

The term Serenity implies "absence of mental stress or anxiety" and this is what, we dream to give you through every project that comes out of our thinking hat. With this mission at heart, we have made significant strides in combining latest construction technologies and our highly rated quality standards, which ensures us in "delivering quality homes at perfect value of your money".

Standing tall to our testimony, is our latest project "Citadel" at Ambattur. This unique, spacious, eight apartments comprising of both 2 and 3 BHK flats has made living exuberant, with all its well-crafted amenities and features. Behind this and every other successful project lies, our backbone - our management team.

Comprising of high qualified and experienced individuals ranging from planning, construction to CraftWork Training, Safety and Quality Control Initiatives, has allowed us to create the way which is heading us to the ultimate end of success and happiness.

Serenity Builders is a real estate firm founded in the year 2009

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to make Serenity Builders a leader in the real estate market, which creates living spaces that exceeds expectation at the perfect value of customer's money.

Mission Statement Options:

Providing value-added construction services to our customers, by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the creative construction process through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team.

Building residential homes which create an ambience of ecstasy and provide comfortable, stress-free life for every individual who decide to reside in our homes.

Constructing top quality residential homes and other projects with latest innovative technologies and top safety norms for the best customer satisfaction.


Our Management serves as the central life system around which Serenity Builders evolve and function. A consistent commitment of our highly qualified and experienced persons in planning, development and construction has enabled us to create worthwhile residential projects that have redefined the art of living.

Following are the management team of Serenity Builders:

D.V. Ram Kumar
CEO, Serenity Builders

D.V. Nishesh Guptha
Managing Partner, Serenity Builders

D. Asharam
Managing Partner, Serenity Builders

Quality standards

From our inception, we have always kept, delivering high quality projects as our foremost importance. Given below is our quality policy which provides the concrete frame work for all our endeavors.

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering projects of high standards within the stipulated time and within the estimated budget
  • Undertaking regular research in the several arenas of reals estate and construction. Thereby updating our projects with innovative construction technologies
  • Using approved safety norms in our workplace which ensures hazard free and accident less construction scenario
  • Zero compromise on construction materials and the workforce used during the creation of projects